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What's Happening

Exciting News: PBC Announces Refinement of Library Design

Since the May 2014 Town Meeting and Town Election, when residents approved funding for the Library building project, Hopkinton’s Permanent Building Committee (PBC) has been hard at work refining the plans for the restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Public Library.

Based on feedback from members of the community before and after Town Meeting, as well as extensive discussions with the immediate neighbors of the Library, the PBC has been working diligently with Johnson Roberts Architects to refine the design of the Library to address three primary concerns: (1) reducing the “bulk” of the proposed expansion; (2) preserving the interior space of the former church; and (3) increasing the distance between the Library expansion and the neighboring property lines. Johnson Roberts has done a remarkable job addressing these concerns, while at the same time maintaining a functional, historically sensitive, and beautiful design.



To read more about the refined design, click here.

Announcing HPLF’s 2015 Boston Marathon Team!

Danielle Keane, Vipul Minocha and Jim Montalto will run the 2015 Boston Marathon to raise money for the restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Public Library. Click on the runners’ names to read their stories or to make a gift in support of their marathon efforts to build a state-of-the-art Library in Hopkinton!

200 Golfers Tee Off for the Library!

Hundreds of children and adults flocked to the Hopkinton Public Library on Friday, March 13, and Saturday, March 14 to play miniature golf. Hosted by Hopkinton Public Library Foundation for the second year, this creative community event not only raised funds for the restoration, renovation and expansion of the Library, but also showcased the most recent versions of the refined Library design.

The 12-hole course, celebrating the 120th year of our Library, provided golfers with numerous challenges, including a loop de loop, 90 degree turns, and a steep hill. With winning shots on the hole-in-one challenge, a handful of lucky golfers and the Thapa family won tickets to HPLF’s Touch-A-Truck and Food Truck Festival to be held on Sunday, May 31, in the Hopkinton High School parking lot. Andy Fitzpatrick was the lucky winner of Celtics tickets donated for the event. Thank you to all the families who teed off for the Library, and to Roche Brothers and Webster First Credit Union for generously sponsoring Library Mini Golf.