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What's Happening

Roddey Dowd to Run 2020 Boston Marathon for the Library!

Roddey Dowd will run the 2020 Boston Marathon for Hopkinton Public Library (now on September 14)! Click on his name under the “Boston Marathon” tab above to support his marathon effort for our Library. Thank you!

“Lucky Day” Book Collection

It could be your lucky day! In January 2020, Hopkinton Public Library Foundation funded a “Lucky Day” collection of high demand books. How does it work? These extra copies of popular fiction and non-fiction titles may not be put on hold or renewed, and are due back to the Library in 2 weeks. They are available on a first come, first serve basis, on a designated shelf to the left when exiting to Church Street. It will be your lucky day when you come to the Library and find them available!