Joy Donohue

Joy Donohue to Run the 2017 Boston Marathon to Raise Money for the Restoration, Renovation and Expansion of Hopkinton Public Library, opening this summer!

Holiday Break 079To me, running feels great and is energizing for everything else I do in my life – not to mention a perfect excuse to turn on Spotify and listen to edgy rock music during valuable time alone. I love a challenge and chance to help our special community in any way I can. In fact, when there are obstacles in the way of goals/projects I strongly believe in, it makes me work even harder to say, “It CAN be done.”

For these reasons I am thrilled and honored to be running the Boston Marathon in support of the restoration and renovation of the new Hopkinton Public Library which I believe will become the crown jewel centerpiece of our beautiful town. Today, libraries have a renewed focus toward social gathering areas, Internet resource sites and providing an inspiring place to work or study that is different from home. The new state-of-the-art redesigned HPL will certainly add to the level of quality and beauty in our community having all those remarkable characteristics. Construction is currently underway.

Holiday Break 088The challenge of the marathon – which requires strength and endurance — combined with fundraising is the perfect synergy of my work experience and interests. With a background in corporate communications, I most recently have spent many years fundraising through the Boosters for Hopkinton High School and its outstanding athletics programs which are among the best in the Metro West. Having a passion for health and fitness, I have also participated in charity road races including Boston Police Association’s Run to Remember Half Marathon and 10Ks, More Magazine’s Half in NYC’s Central Park, YAI (Central Park) Seeing Beyond Disability 5K and Hopkinton’s Live4Evan and Sharon Timlin 5K races.

With the support of my family including husband Kim, and two sons Dan (recent Boston College grad) as well as Drew (sophomore at BC), we think – together, it CAN be done and hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation toward this effort. My required minimum fundraising goal is $4,000 but, with your help, I am seeking to increase that to $15,000+ to make an even greater positive impact (… now double that!) Please note amazing option: Anyone who donates $1,000 or more to my marathon effort will be on the special 1000 Homes HPL plaque & recognized as a 1000 Homes member.

Thanks so much for supporting my run and the Library! I can be reached at for any additional questions/ideas and also will keep you updated on my progress. Please add a message to me with your gift if you would like to add your name to the online list of donors generously supporting my marathon run.

To support Joy in her marathon effort to build a state-of-the-art Library in Hopkinton, please use the Paypal button below or mail a check to Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, P.O. Box 16, Woodville, MA 01784 (please designate your check in support of Joy’s marathon run).

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