Hopkinton Girl Scout Service Unit Team, Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:


We are writing in support of the Hopkinton Library Expansion.


Although we admire the Hopkinton Library building for its historic and architectural significance, we feel that it is not meeting the needs of town residents today. Last renovated almost fifty years ago, it now lacks adequate space for contemporary use; lack of handicap and stroller access also limit the library's resources that are available.


The town needs a library that not only offers access to all its residents and visitors, but also provides space for current technology and up-to-date collections. We need a library facility that can reinforce its focus as the center of the community and be utilized to its fullest potential.


As leaders in Hopkinton Girl Scouts, we teach girls how to explore, learn, educate others, and become involved in their community. Our goals coincide with what an expanded Town Library would offer not only our children, but all Hopkinton residents.


We will be voting YES on May 19th at town election to approve the expansion of the library and hope you will join us.




Hopkinton Girl Scout Service Unit Team

Carrie Howard, Carolyn Johnson, Stacy Spies, Amanda Sward