Scott Richardson, Letter to the Editor

This is in response to Kevin Shea’s recent letter concerning his perception that the library is a “lame shamble of a library” and essentially not worth renovation and that there will be cost overruns on this project. He also stated that he understands that we are spending $6 million on this refurbishment. He wants a better library but doesn’t “want the excessive cost of remodeling a dinosaur of a building”.

While I understand his concerns, I want to clarify exactly what we are proposing to do here. First the project is proposed at $11.7 million total costs and that does include all construction and contingency costs to cover the issues inherent in renovating and adding to a historic building, includes all fees, expenses, utility charges, furniture, computers, project management, temporary relocation, moving of books and also includes 5 years of escalation costs from the original estimate to cover the anticipated construction schedule of 2015 to 2016. We have it all covered.

And best of all we have a $4.5 million Grant from the state and better yet in just six months we are already half way to our goal of $1 million in private donations - so the final cost to the town will only be $6.25 million. To get an expanded, renovated, accessible and state of the art library for $6.25 million is a very good investment for the town!

And when completed we will have a library that will really service the needs of the community today and well into the future– all while honoring our town’s history and character.

People are using libraries more than ever and will continue to do so. This library is designed to be flexible so that it can respond to future changes in technology and user’s needs, and will also provide training, classroom and presentation spaces in addition to greatly expanded computer terminals and gatherings spaces. It will once again be the literary and community center right in the downtown that we are all seeking.

For those of us that really use our library, and don’t consider it a “dinosaur” and appreciate what it can be, this is our unique opportunity to do what is right for the community.

I encourage you to vote yes on May 19th and continue your commitment to our Town’s future!

Scott Richardson

President - Hopkinton Public Library Foundation

President – Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce

Scott Richardson, AIA, LEED AP

Principal G | R | L | A Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects